The conference got me thinking.

This winter, though I can’t remember a specific date, a member of Eastern passed away and it had a great effect on me. His name was Bob Marlo, more commonly known on Eastern as dfuzz. I didn’t know that much about him, though I had met him at the conference in July of 2006. Anyways, it had an effect on me when he passed. I knew his wife had been on Eastern and posted at one point but I never saw the post. Today I did.

It made me really think. When I arrived at the conference this year, on June 22, I would have sworn I saw Bob. It was so strange. Anyway, I sent a message to his wife. I told her how they had dedicated the conference to him. I told her how I had wished he was there so I could share the laughs I did last year, and how I spoke with several members that felt the same way I did. She wrote back, and gave me her email address. I wrote her a long letter and emailed it.

For some reason I just feel a lot better and much less forlorn about this whole thing. I guess reaching out to someone like that makes me feel better or something.