Oh my gawd it’s the update.

I know. I really haven’t been keeping up with the posts too well. It’s just that a hell of a lot has happened since I last wrote, so there’s a lot to cover and it’s rather overwhelming.

I’m back in EMCC. I’m enjoying (some of) my courses, which presently include CST131, CST117, MAT119, and ENG101. CST131 (PC Hardware) is certainly my favorite. I ended up building a computer as a project for the course, the final specs of which include an Intel Core 2 Duo at 3.00 GHz with 1333MHz FSB and a 6MB L2 cache, a 7200RPM SATA 750GB HDD with 16MB cache, and 2GB of DDR2-800 dual-channel RAM. I have presently installed on it Ubuntu 8.04. I love the machine.

I’m in a new line of work at the moment. I now am a sales representative for Vector Marketing, the sales company for Cutco Cutlery. Basically, I sell knives. They’re actually really nice knives and I’d recommend them to anyone who needs something to cut with. I say this from experience with the products and from the standpoint of a person making a commission off of any sale I make.

I have a car now, too. I got a 2002 Toyota Corolla in navy blue. I love it. Naturally I’ve added all the bells and whistles I can, including the boat horn, two inverters, an air compressor, new speakers, twin 300W 10-inch subwoofers, and a Pioneer stereo.

I hope nothing too insanely huge happens between now and the next time I post, unless it’s something good.