Minecraft Info

Server: gman.local.tralce.com

Mods: http://cloud.tralce.com/index.php?f=156bc267ee9e58

To Set Up:

  1. Download MultiMC. Unzip it to a happy location that won’t get touched much.
  2. Run MultiMC. On the first run of MultiMC, set your Minumim memory allocation to 1024MB and the Maximum memory allocation to 4096MB. Log into your Minecraft account by clicking the Profile button in the top right, selecting Manage Accounts, and adding your account.
  3. Download the gman-1.12.2-most-recent-date.zip from the link above, or if your computer is a beast, try my new gman-loaded-1.12.2-date.zip, which adds some extra client-side mods, OptiFine, and SonicEther’s Unbelievable Shaders. Click the New Instance button in MultiMC, choose Import Modpack, and select the zip you just downloaded.
  4. Double click on gman-1.12.2-date in the launcher. Play.

Whenever I announce new mods, or you can’t connect due to mod rejections, download a fresh gman-1.12.2-date.zip from the link above, and then follow the above guide starting with step 3. After you’ve imported the new modpack, you may want to delete the old version. It’s not a requirement, it’s just cleaner.

You can view an interactive map of the world here. This feature has returned as of 2017-03-08!