How to fix controller issues in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV

Can’t promise this will work for you but it did work for me. My issue was that SR4 would not detect my official wireless 360 controller but I did not have a Nostromo or any other peripheral connected, rendering other advice useless.

Exact terms of my issue:
– Controller not detected in SR4 AT ALL
– worked fine in all other games but SR franchise
– Windows 8.1
– Used to work fine, stopped working suddenly
– No wacky gamer peripherals to interfere with 360 controller

Here’s what I did:
– Verified game cache, rebooted (no effect)
– delete game and reinstall from backup, reboot (no effect)
– reinstall 360 controller drivers, reboot (no effect)
– delete game, reinstall from internet, reboot (no effect)

Here’s what worked:
– Followed this guide to be able to view unused drivers in devmgr
– opened devmgr and deleted greyed out drivers in the following areas
– – Xbox 360 Peripherals
– – Sound, video and game controllers
– – Mice and other pointing devices
– – Human Interface Devices
– rebooted
– massive win! It’s working!

Seems to me that an old Bluetooth driver or something was interfering with SR4 only for reasons I can’t explain but it’s gone and I fixed it.

Quote from the link in the website (in case it goes away):

To remove old and unused drivers from your Windows computer, first open Start Menu and right click on Computer and select Properties. From the left side panel, click on Advanced system settings and click on Environment Variables. Alternatively, simply open Control Panel and type Environment Variables.

Now under the User variables box, click on New and type

in the Variable Name text box & 1 in the Variable Value box. This will set a flag to allow you to now view unused devices.

Now type devmgmt.msc in start search and hit Enter to open the Device Manager.

device manager uninstall 400×296 How to remove old device drivers in Windows 7 | 8

Click View tab and select Show hidden devices. Expand the branches in the device tree & look for the faded icons. These indicate unused device drivers.

Right click on it and select Uninstall.