Follow up to the “Conference got me thinking” post.

I’ve maintained a decent email contact with Judy, and her birthday came and went, “another one of the firsts I have to get through” as she put it. Her birthday was June 30.

She requested a few copies of the brochure/agenda they were handing out at the conference. An upstanding member of Eastern had written a blurb about Bob on the back of the trifold, with a picture of him taken by another member. It was a very nice… “thing” is all I can think to call it. Bob’s memory certainly lives on in at least some of us, and for that I am very happy.

I wish there was more I could do to help with the maintenance of Bob’s website which Judy so thoughtfully wishes to keep going. I can’t really do much, being that I’m from Maine and she (and the equipment that feeds weather data to the website) is in Missouri.

I never was clear on this, but I’ve often gotten the sense that no one, or very few anyway, from Eastern has reached out to her and shared fond memories of Bob. I’d certainly share more but I have so few of dfuzz, and his pink alterego, A. Ziffel. I met him at Conference 2, but as I may have mentioned he only appears, back-to, in one of the 64 pictures I took.