The Porcupine Story.

So the other day I met this guy on Facebook named Josh. We talked a fair amount on AIM, and last night we decided to meet here today. Well he got here about 11:30 this morning, just as my mom was leaving. Now on to the funny occurrence. I was trying to show off my 10kV power supply when I needed a different wire, so I went to the barn to get one. Instantly I became aware of something moving at the base of the stairs, and there was yet another damn porcupine in there. I ran in, turned to Josh and said, rather casually, “excuse me for a second, I need to shoot something.” I grabbed the gun and ran out the door, seeing his very inquisitive look out of the corner of my eye as I passed. I went to the barn, aimed and fired. As I came back in, he looked at me and just kind of quietly asked “may I ask, what did you just shoot?” I told him, and we had a fantastic laugh about the circumstances.