Fucking school system.

So. Every time I manage to sit back, sigh with relief, and say that I’m finally done with all the shit the school system can hand me, they find something else. This time, it was the direct result of a certain teacher’s incompetence. I submitted a major project to him for grading FOUR months ago. Three months later, I hear that he still hasn’t graded it. OK, fine, I forget things now and again too. But here’s the fucking kicker: I’ve lost the file with the original copy of the project. No big deal, Mr. Teacher there has it. Oh but no, he doesn’t. Again, fine, fine, I lose things too, it’s human. I recover a mangled copy of the project off of the dusty depths of my hard drive. Three weeks later I get an email. IT DOESN’T FUCKING MEET STANDARD. WELL MAYBE, GENIUS KID, IF YOU HAD FUCKING GOTTEN OFF YOUR HAIRY ASS AND GRADED IT IN THE FIRST PLACE, WHEN YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO, THIS WOULDN’T BE A PROBLEM, NOW WOULD IT?! No, no, it has nothing to do with him though. It’s my responsibility to come BACK to the school and give an spoken version of whatever the fuck part of the project it was that is missing. It’s all on me.

Perhaps once in a while, the teacher could admit that they fucked up good, and say “I know this project isn’t complete, but since that is TOTALLY my fault in every way, because I lost it and didn’t grade it when I should have, I’ll cut you some slack on it.” Oh no. Never happen. Yeah, they go trying to teach you personal responsibility in school, well guess what. IT GOES TWO FUCKING WAYS, JUNIOR. THAT’S “2” FOR THOSE OF YOU THAT CAN’T GET IT THE FIRST TIME, OR ARE TOO FUCKING LAZY TO READ IT PROPERLY.

Am I fucking pissed? Oh yeah.